Building Relationships and Embracing Leadership at Psychoactive Studios

Nov 21, 2023
3 min
Psychoactive Studios' employees and friends in the Wellington office

Deepening Interpersonal Connections

At Psychoactive Studios, we understand that genuine relationships form the cornerstone of a successful company. Beyond task-focused interactions, it's the human connections that give life and energy to our workspace.

Shared Meal Times: Our lunch breaks transform into opportunities for bonding. Sharing meals, laughter and casual chats rejuvenates the team and strengthens camaraderie.

Engaging Team Activities: From mini-golfing to music festivals, we prioritise activities that bolster team bonding, understanding, and trust.

Company Retreats: More than just a break, our retreats offer a chance for introspection and team bonding. Our serene getaways in locations like Otaki are the perfect mix of strategy and connection.

Social Gatherings: Outside official work hours, team hangouts – from live music events to festive potlucks – solidify our bonds, ensuring a family-like atmosphere.

Leadership with Empathy and Vision

Psychoactive Studios' leadership doesn’t just set directives; they embody the company's values.

CEO’s Travels: Our CEO's six-month journey across Europe wasn't just personal; it was a statement. It emphasised the significance of life outside work, exploration, and self-growth.

Managers Prioritizing Mental Health: Our leaders regularly take mental health days, setting a powerful precedent. It sends a clear message that personal well-being is a priority.

Embracing Continuous Learning

In an ever-changing digital landscape, we at Psychoactive Studios believe in continual growth and adaptation.

Opportunities for Growth: We champion continuous learning, from specialised courses to upskilling, ensuring our team remains at the forefront of the industry.

Adaptable Work Roles: Recognizing evolving passions, we maintain an open dialogue about role transitions, aligning roles with aspirations and strengths.

Feedback-Driven Growth: We foster transparent communication, ensuring feedback is constructive and promotes professional evolution.

Cultivating a Positive and Inclusive Culture

Our company culture is built daily through shared values and practices.

Gratitude in Practice: Through our CIMP (Communication, Innovation Mastery, Passion) process, team members regularly commend one another for embodying our company’s values, fostering appreciation and a sense of belonging.

Diversity and Equity: Our workspace is a melting pot of talent and ideas, free from discrimination and bias.

Embracing Newcomers: From day one, we ensure every new member feels integrated and valued through personalised interactions and interest channels.

Prioritising Health and Comfort

For us, comfort and health aren’t amenities; they're essential.

Comfortable and calming environment: We prioritise physical comfort, from standing desks and lumbar-supporting chairs to a peaceful environment adorned with plants, incents, salt lamps and essential oil diffusers.

Pets Welcome: Our pet-friendly policy not only adds warmth to our workspace but has numerous proven benefits for stress reduction and team bonding.

Wellness focus: Guided by our Wellness Coordinator, we explore all facets of well-being, from physical to mental, from weekly mindfulness exercises to monthly walks, and we pay attention to employees' stress levels and implement personalised treats and activities, ensuring a balanced work environment for our team.


Psychoactive Studios continues to stand out by placing its people at the heart of its mission. From fostering strong interpersonal relationships to embracing empathetic leadership, from prioritising continuous learning to embedding positivity in our culture, and from championing health and comfort to crafting an inclusive environment, we aim to redefine workplace excellence. Our vision is a workspace that is not just about productivity but also joy, inclusivity, and holistic well-being.