How We Create a Flexible and Connected Work Environment at Psychoactive Studios

Nov 1, 2023
3 min

In the contemporary corporate landscape, employee well-being is paramount. At Psychoactive Studios, we acknowledge our strength lies in our talented team members. Hence, we focus on creating an environment that promotes flexibility, fosters strong connections, and prioritises well-being alongside work. We find the more trust and flexibility we instil within the workplace, the happier and more engaged our team members become. 

Over the past five years, the business has changed a lot; from a budding startup to an established, award-winning agency. Below, we share our core ethos, resulting in our highest employee retention to date. 

Flexibility in the Workplace

Traditional corporate structures emphasise rigid schedules and fixed work locations. However, Psychoactive Studios embraces a more flexible approach. 

Remote Working: Recognizing the benefits of working from home, we provide our team with the freedom to choose their work environment, helping to increase focus and reduce distractions. Whether it be in Wellington, New Zealand or abroad, team members have the choice to work from wherever they choose.

Flexible Hours: Trusting our team to know their peak productivity periods, we allow them to select their starting and ending work hours. Using tools like Toggl Track, we maintain accountability while promoting autonomy. Tending to one's personal needs is encouraged, and we trust employees will make up the time later. We find that when people feel restricted, and their personal needs are placed on the back burner, they tend to become unproductive and disengaged. Allowing people to run personal errands during work and take more vacations has improved employee retention for us in the long run.

Flexible Working Days: Breaking away from the conventional 5-day workweek, we offer options like a 4-day workweek. This choice ensures work quality remains high, tailored to individual preferences.

By embracing flexibility, we emphasise the importance of trust and autonomy, ensuring work aligns with individual rhythms. 

Building Strong Connections

Beyond professional collaborations, the human connections within a company fuel its spirit. Psychoactive Studios deeply invests in nurturing these relationships:

Lunch Breaks with Colleagues: Encouraging team members to share meals and casual conversations, we foster camaraderie among colleagues, offering a break from the digital grind.


Team Building Activities: Monthly gatherings aim to boost team bonding. Activities range from board games, and bowling to cooking sessions, ensuring barriers are broken and collaboration is enhanced. These activities are where the real rapport-building exercises occur.

Company Retreat: Our retreats offer a dual opportunity - strategic introspection and strengthening team bonds. Past retreats, like the one in Otaki, have proven beneficial for both professional strategy and team unity.

Socializing Outside of Work: Casual post-work hangouts and celebrations of personal milestones ensure our connections run deep, transcending conventional work boundaries.

In emphasising interpersonal relationships, we ensure our workforce isn't just a team, but a community where collaboration, shared interests and synergy flourish.


Psychoactive Studios strives to strike a balance between meeting ambitious goals and nurturing employee well-being. Through flexibility and an emphasis on strong connections, we aim to foster a workplace where individuals feel valued, inspired, and connected. Our journey continues as we work towards creating an environment that champions both productivity and joy.