Psychoactive Studios builds website for early-stage Silicon Valley firm

Sep 2021
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Chris Keall
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Evan Cummack from Fin sitting on a bench


Kiwi ex-pat Evan Cummack was recently named chief executive of Fin - an early-stage Silicon Valley firm that has just raised US$20m ($32m) in a series led by Coatue, with Coatue partner Arielle Zuckerberg joining its board.

It's not Zuckerberg's first Kiwi connection. Her first job out of university was working for Wildfire Interactive, the San Francisco-based social media marketing company co-founded by New Zealander Victoria Ransom.

And during the early days of his tenure as Fin CEO, Cummack has created a Kiwi connection for the firm, recruiting Wellington's Psychoactive Studios to build the company's website.

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