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First born in Tauranga, Luca spent a lot of time moving around NZ and the US throughout his childhood. Initially coming to Wellington for study, he dropped out after two years of changing through several areas of study. 

Afterwards, he continued to live in Wellington working first in the produce department of New World, then moving on to a role as a Debt Officer for the Ministry of Justice. Disappointed in the lacklustre work environment he took the opportunity to live with his Nonno and Nonna in Ohope for 8 months, spending time with them and working to better understand individual purpose. 

Getting back into the workforce, a remote position at Shopify facilitated his move back to Wellington. He spent 2 years at the cusp of eCommerce innovation working directly with small businesses during the Covid pandemic. When the team he intended to grow into at Shopify was cut back he began to seek other options for employment, which was when he found Psychoactive. 

A perfect match, Psychoactive has provided great opportunities to grow his experience. Leveraging his communication skills he contributes to our success throughout the many facets of the Web Producer role.


To build bigger for his community.


Luca intends to continue growing into a role tailored to his skills and purpose through honest communication, working to provide sustainability and opportunities for growth.


"Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to help others."

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Open Positions

We’re always hunting for talented amphibians to join our ecosystem. Have you got the gills to breathe both in and out of the water?

Web Designer


You’ll be in charge of branding, wireframing, moodboarding, UX, and UI designing in Figma. A designer at heart, you’ll also be a wizard with tech. A good understanding of HTML and CSS is crucial in order to develop beautiful websites in Webflow. You’ll have a keen eye for detail, but should also be keen to learn more about javascript and coding as you progress in your career. Confidence is key as you’ll need to communicate and present your work both internally and to clients.

Branding, Strategy, Interaction Design, UI/ UX Design, Webflow Development

Web Developer


You’ll be in charge of Webflow development and custom code. You’ll love solving complex problems, creating beautiful web animations and interactions, and have great communication skills for advising the Psychoactive team and clients on technical solutions. While you’ll mostly be on the technical side, you’ll also be somebody who enjoys being across the entire production pipeline. From branding and strategy to design, you’ll be somebody who loves to get involved in the finer details.

Strategy, UI/ UX Design, Webflow Development, Javascript Development, WebGL, React / Vue

Freelancers Wanted

New Zealand

We are always on the lookout for Freelance talent.

UI / UX Designers, Webflow Developers, Javascript Developers, Content Developers, Brand Strategists, Web Producers, Social Media Managers

Web Producer


You’ll be in charge of writing and pitching proposals, working closely with the team, improving processes, and working on growing the business. Your background could be in account management, project management, client success, design, development, marketing, ecommerce, SaaS, technology or innovation. Strong written and interpersonal communication skills are essential.

Sales & Onboarding, Business Development, Client Relationships, Project Management

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