Legalise Weed

Cannabis Law Reform Advocacy

In the 2020 General Elections, New Zealand held a referendum on legalising recreational cannabis.This website provided a comprehensive, interactive scroll-based education experience outlining the rationale for legislation and regulated home delivery. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to provide more clarity on what the cannabis laws could look like, the referendum failed and cannabis still remains illegal in New Zealand.

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User interface designs for Legalise Weed website
What We Did

Legaliseweed is an educational web experience that seeks to outline the rationale behind the legislation and regulated home delivery of cannabis in New Zealand. Ahead of the 2020 General Election, the website has been designed to create an informative narrative, providing all viewers with factual infographics and a diverse range of perspectives. 

As kiwis, it is our belief that we must work together to find a regulated solution centred around education, transparency and harm reduction.

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How We Did It

Throughout the entirety of this project, our team focused on three core components; research, animation and responsiveness. We endeavoured to create a single-page website, imbued with a story-telling narrative.

As the legislation of cannabis is considered a weighty topic, we sought to present all written content in an evidence-based format. This included a large range of external links guiding users to reliable case studies and academic journals. 

Each paragraph is supported by a range of photographic imagery. We sought to utilise story-telling techniques through motion, animating elements onto the screen as a visual accompaniment. 

To develop a responsive website took a lot of perseverance and design thinking. Due to the complex relationship between sections and animated content, we developed a variety of prototypes, storyboarding each transition frame by frame in horizontal and portrait layouts. To ensure the scalability of the landing page, we created and exported the text as an SVG file. This allowed us to use a combination of centre, left and right alignment. 

As a single-page website, we evaluated our use of interactions and how we could strengthen the user experience. We wanted to provide users with a visual cue, showing them how far through the website they had scrolled. As a result, the navigation bar automatically updates itself, to reflect the title of the section the user is on.

To refine the aesthetic of the website, we explored a variety of design principles. Consideration was given to colour, typography and hierarchy. We wanted to ensure the readability of all content and opted to use a sans serif font. 

Throughout the development of Legaliseweed, our team sought to create a website that provides New Zealanders with the information they may need before placing their vote. The website proposes the concept of regulated cannabis in New Zealand and looks for an effective and workable solution focused on health and education.

User interface designs for Legalise Weed website
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User interface designs for Legalise Weed website
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User interface designs for Legalise Weed website
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User interface designs for Legalise Weed website