Common Reasons to Move to Webflow

Dec 14, 2023
2 Minutes
Common reasons to move to Webflow

Common reasons to move to Webflow

Are you losing out on opportunities because of your current website? Is your day disrupted by band aid solutions for your website coming undone? Are you growing tired of the arduous process required by so many “industry leading” website tools? 

There’s a lot of reasons why you may be considering the value in taking the time to search for a better way to work. We did that very same thing not too long ago. Through hours of research we decided Webflow is currently the most value on offer.

After many discussions with clients about why they’re looking for a similar change our understanding of common obstacles has grown, but we wanted to know more. We took a look into the most common reasons people around the globe are dissatisfied with their current solution and have turned to Webflow, and wanted to share our findings.

Other Platform Limitations

Third-Party Application Reliance

Many website platforms require third-party apps for added functionality, which can lead to complications and errors when these apps are updated or changed.

Customization Constraints and Coding Needs

Some platforms limit customization options, often demanding coding skills for significant changes. This can be frustrating for those seeking a unique site without coding expertise.

Limited Interaction and Animation Tools

Certain platforms lack the necessary tools for creating engaging user experiences through interactions and animations.

SEO Limitations and Advanced Controls

Many platforms have SEO limitations, including limited control over vital elements. Webflow provides advanced SEO controls, enhancing online visibility and search engine rankings.

The decision to migrate to Webflow isn't just about embracing a new platform; it's about seizing opportunities, streamlining your workflow, and overcoming the common obstacles faced with other website tools. We embarked on a similar journey and found that Webflow offers the most value in terms of customization, interactivity, SEO, and overall user experience. By understanding the limitations of other platforms, such as third-party reliance, coding demands, animation tools, and SEO constraints, we can appreciate why so many are making the switch to No Code solutions like Webflow. It's a decision that not only addresses current frustrations but also opens doors to a more efficient and creative web design process. 

Thinking a No Code solution is the right evolution for your organisation? Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can push the boundaries of the web in your industry.