Psychoactive Studios
Moral Contract

Your journey with Psychoactive begins with a commitment to our shared moral contract. This foundation of respect, commitment, and shared values underpins collaborative and fulfilling working relationships for everyone involved—Psychoactive, our clients, and all team members.

This moral contract applies to all individuals contributing to our projects. As team compositions evolve, new members are encouraged to acquaint themselves with and adhere to these terms.

Project Initiation

Partnership: Our collaboration is built on mutual respect, compassion, resilience, and understanding. Together, we are dedicated to facing challenges, leveraging our diverse strengths, and celebrating our collective achievements. This partnership stands as our project's foundation, guiding us towards shared success.

Trust & Expertise: The cornerstone of our collaboration is trust in each other’s expertise. We bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, skills, and insights, fostering an environment of professional respect and open dialogue. This mutual trust encourages us to explore innovative solutions and navigate challenges with confidence.

Intellectual Property: Intellectual property created and financially compensated for within this collaboration will primarily reside with the client upon project completion. Nevertheless, all parties retain the right to reuse and repurpose the general technologies, frameworks, and non-proprietary innovations used in the project. This ensures ongoing innovation while respecting the client's proprietary rights.

Confidentiality: A commitment to confidentiality underpins our work together. We mutually agree to protect and not disclose sensitive information shared during the project lifecycle. This pledge safeguards proprietary or confidential data, ensuring trust and security in our partnership.

Deliverables and Timelines: Committing to our agreed deliverables and timelines is vital. We understand that projects may encounter unforeseen challenges; hence, we emphasize the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and open communication. Should adjustments become necessary, we engage in collaborative discussions to find mutually agreeable solutions.

Legal and Ethical Integrity: Our work is conducted with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This commitment to integrity is shared across our teams and with our clients, ensuring that our collaborative efforts not only result in outstanding outcomes but do so in a manner that upholds our collective legal and moral responsibilities.

Project Execution

Innovation: At the core of our journey lies a commitment to innovation. We aim to push boundaries using cutting-edge technology, creating digital solutions that captivate and engage. Our collaborative spirit fuels this innovation, allowing us to explore new ideas and transform challenges into opportunities.

Limitations: We recognize that innovation operates within the confines of the project's resources and agreed-upon technology. Should we encounter limitations that hinder our planned strategies or designs, we pledge to maintain open and constructive dialogue, exploring alternative solutions that align with our project goals.

Participation: The success of our project is built on the active and equal participation of all parties involved. This means engaging in regular progress meetings, providing necessary assets promptly, and sharing constructive feedback. Such collaboration ensures we meet our objectives and achieve a result that we are all proud of.

Feedback: We value kind, proactive, specific, constructive, and actionable feedback. We regard 1-2 rounds of feedback per item as reasonable and encourage the use of interactive tools for feedback on deliverables such as site architecture, wireframes, copywriting documents, designs, and development. Feedback is to be consolidated and communicated within 3​ working days to enable prompt response and effective implementation.

Scope and Change Management: We are open to implementing feedback and making adjustments to ensure project excellence. However, requests that fall outside the agreed scope or could potentially compromise the project’s quality or timeline might be declined or need separate scoping. This ensures that changes are managed thoughtfully, with a clear understanding of their implications.

Billing: Transparency and fairness underpin our billing practices. We commit to resolving any payment concerns promptly and efficiently, ensuring invoices are issued and paid on time, reflecting our mutual respect and professionalism.

Quality Assurance: Recognizing the intricacies of web development and the variety of browsers and devices, minor variations from the designs may occur in the final product. Both parties will engage in extensive cross-browser and device testing before the project sign-off to ensure the highest quality and a seamless launch experience.

Project Closure

Launch Preparation: As we approach the project's conclusion, our focus shifts to ensuring a smooth and timely launch. Adhering to the agreed-upon launch dates is crucial, and we advocate for a phased or soft launch strategy whenever feasible. This approach helps mitigate potential issues, allowing for adjustments and ensuring a stress-free transition to live operations.

Post-Launch Support: Following the project's launch, we recognize that issues may emerge due to updates in browsers, platforms, the project's codebase, or actions taken by the client or another service provider managing the website. Psychoactive is committed to offering support to address these challenges through separate ongoing support, improvement and retainer arrangements. This support is aimed at ensuring the project remains functional and continues to meet its objectives over time, adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

Post-Launch Accountability: Psychoactive's liability for the website concludes upon project completion, except under an ongoing retainer agreement. Even then, shared accountability applies, acknowledging that the client or third parties may also modify the site. Psychoactive cannot be held responsible for subsequent performance or functionality issues arising from such modifications.

Completion and Beyond: The completion of the project is marked by fulfilling the tasks and deliverables outlined in the Statement of Work (SOW), irrespective of the actual launch date. Any subsequent modifications, updates, or maintenance fall outside the original project scope and will require separate discussion and agreement. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond project completion, as we seek to apply lessons learned to future initiatives.

Reflective Practice: Both Psychoactive and our partners commit to reflective practice throughout the project lifecycle. By evaluating our performance and the outcomes achieved, we identify areas for improvement, enhancing our collaborative processes and individual skills. This reflective approach not only benefits the current project but also enriches our future work together.

Amicable Termination: Should circumstances necessitate the termination of the project or collaboration, both parties will engage in open and respectful dialogue to address the situation. We will undertake the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition, including the transfer of project assets and support for each other's next steps. Maintaining the dignity and respect enshrined in our moral contract remains paramount, even in termination.

Dispute Resolution: In the unlikely event of a dispute, our commitment to resolving issues amicably and constructively stands. We prioritize open communication and seek mutually beneficial resolutions, reflecting our dedication to maintaining positive relationships and upholding the spirit of our moral contract.

This moral contract reminds us of our commitment to not only project success but to fostering a working environment filled with respect, openness, and excellence. We thank each participant for their trust and dedication. Together, we aim to create something extraordinary.