Frogo Sapiens Internship Project

May 22, 2023
4 Minutes
Frogo Sapiens website hero

My internship experience at Psychoactive Studios was an incredible opportunity to challenge myself as a web designer, learn new skills, and gain practical experience working with a team of professionals. During my internship, I worked on creating a branding identity and website for a fictional brand called "Frogo Sapiens", which produces sneakers for frogs.

The concept behind Frogo Sapiens was based on the new frog-evolution theory, which suggests that frogs have evolved to a new level and learned how to run. However, their feet are very delicate, and they needed shoes to help them run effectively. This idea provided a unique challenge as I needed to create branding that was both playful and professional, while still being relevant for the studio.

To create the branding for Frogo Sapiens, I started by researching similar brands in the market and analysing their branding strategies. I also created a mood board to gather inspiration and ideas for the brand's visual identity. From there, I designed a logo, colour palette, typography, and imagery that aligned with the brand's story and target audience. I used Mid Journey to create a unique visual style for Frogo Sapiens. The illustrations were integrated into the website design and added an extra layer of visual interest to the branding. 

Once the branding was finalised, I moved on to creating the design for the Frogo Sapiens website. It was the easiest part for me because I feel quite confident about my design skills. But at the same time, it was still challenging because I had to apply a new approach and move away from my favourite minimalistic design style towards web brutalism, which I chose to implement for this project.

Web brutalism is a design style that focuses on using raw and unrefined design elements such as bold typography, rough edges, and vivid colours. This style was perfect for Frogo Sapiens, as it aligned with the brand's playful and whimsical personality.

After the design was approved, I moved to the development phase. This is where I was able to apply the skills that I wanted to learn during my internship. I used Webflow to create the structure of the website and applied the branding elements to it. This allowed me to see the branding come to life on a practical level and gave me a better understanding of how to build a website from scratch.

To make the website more interactive and engaging, I had to learn to use Adobe After Effects and code-based animations. This allowed me to animate various elements of the website, such as the frog running, the sneakers cards flipping, the scribbles appearing by scrolling into view, and the menu opening and closing. Basically, each and every element on the page was alive and moving in some way.

To animate the frog, I used Rive. This application allows animating characters by animating their bones, like a real skeleton. It is very handy and intuitive and perfect for newbie motion designers. By using Rive, I was able to create a realistic running animation for the frog, which added to the overall experience of the website.

Throughout the process, I had the opportunity to work closely with the team at Psychoactive Studios, who provided guidance and feedback on my work. This allowed me to learn from their experience and improve my skills as a web designer and developer. Callum and Laura were especially helpful and supportive, and were there for me every step of the way! 

Working with a team of professionals also taught me the importance of communication and collaboration. By working with the team, I was able to understand the importance of feedback and how it can improve the overall outcome of a project. The team also taught me the importance of working efficiently and meeting deadlines, which are important skills that I will carry with me throughout my career.

Overall, my internship experience at Psychoactive Studios was invaluable. It provided me with the opportunity to push my boundaries as a web designer, learn new skills, and gain practical experience working on a real project. I was able to apply my knowledge of branding, website design, and animation to create a unique and engaging website for Frogo Sapiens.

In conclusion, my internship experience at Psychoactive Studios was an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, and gain practical experience as a web designer. The skills that I learned during my time at the studio will be invaluable as I continue to pursue a career in web design and development. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with such a talented team of professionals and look forward to applying my newfound skills in my future endeavours.