Psychoactive Studios Sponsors TEDxWellington 2024

Apr 22, 2024
2 Minutes

In an exciting fusion of creativity, innovation, and community spirit, Psychoactive Studios proudly sponsored this year's TEDxWellington, an event that has become a cornerstone in the local calendar for fostering inspiring ideas and collective action. The 2024 theme, "Take the Leap",  invited both speakers and attendees to step beyond the familiar and explore the extraordinary.

Under the leadership of Psychoactive’s Founder and Creative Director, Andrew Hillstead, the event transcended the conventional, with Psychoactive not only sponsoring the event but also curating a series of interactive experiences that captivated the imagination of all who attended. Andrew, serving as the Head of Interactions, curated an array of installations including Matt Halford’s immersive Tesseract virtual reality experience, Nicole Miller’s virtual reality tour of Taputeranga Marine Reserve, and the thought-provoking Positive Local News project, among others.

The highlight of Andrew’s contributions was moderating the panel "Take the Leap: Navigating the 2024 Landscape of Creative Business." Featuring iconic Wellington business owners such as Kenyon Shankie from Superfunc, Ciaran Jack from Obvious Partners, Veronica Harwood-Stevenson from Humble Bee Bio, and Stephanie Parker from Floating Rock, and facilitated by Josh Jeffery, the discussion peeled back the curtain on the triumphs and trials of pioneering in the creative industry, offering invaluable insights and stirring the entrepreneurial spirit of the audience.

As the sun set on a day of talks and shared experiences, Psychoactive opened its doors for the TEDxWellington after-party, a celebration that will be etched in the memories of Wellington's creative community for years to come. Thanks to the generosity of Jeannine McCallum, Invisible Agency, and Choice Bros, the open bar flowed as freely as the conversations, with tunes from DJs Josh Waay, Clyde Smith, and Kenyon Shankie setting the perfect backdrop for continued connections and reflections on the day.

The success of the event and its afterglow was captured in a heartfelt email from Alex Mathews, Founder of Xequals and TEDx's licence holder for the year, who expressed his deep gratitude to Hillstead: "You are a legend. I cannot thank you enough for this weekend," Mathews wrote, lauding the seamless execution of the event, its interactive elements, and the unforgettable after-party.

Psychoactive Studios' sponsorship and Andrew Hillstead's role in TEDxWellington 2024 underscore the studio's commitment to enriching the community and supporting spaces where ideas and creativity can flourish. As Alex put it, the event and its aftermath were "so fucking cool," a testament to the vibrant community and collective achievements spearheaded by Psychoactive Studios.

As we look ahead, we’re excited for future collaborations and creative endeavours within Wellington's thriving community. With Psychoactive Studios at the helm of innovative projects and community engagements, the future looks bright for Wellington's creatives, thinkers, and dreamers.