What Does Webflow Offer?

Dec 7, 2023
2 Minutes

What does Webflow offer?

Webflow offers a great depth of opportunity with the web software tool they provide. We wanted to take the time to dive into a few of Webflows core offerings to help our clients garner a better understanding of the platform, which we’re sharing with you below :)

Webflow Designer

The designers dream, Webflow allows you to experience the power of code, without writing it. In their visual canvas you can utilise HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, allowing Webflow to translate designs into ready to publish semantic code. Now you can build with the foundational blocks that had a time consuming barrier to enter before. Keep your elements organised, design responsively, create reusable CSS classes, define global colour swatches - the list goes on. This is the reason Webflow is the current industry leader in website design and development tools. 

Webflow CMS

Changing the game, the value offered through Webflow’s Content Management System (CMS). For years websites and online business solutions have lacked a clear accessible way to control your site content, but now there’s a tool that works for editors, designers, and developers. The Webflow CMS gives you the ability to write and edit content directly to the page, create well-structured content with custom fields, as well as work directly with the JSON underlying the CMS. Keeping your website full and up to date has never been easier. 


Webflow provides eCommerce options that help put the power in your hands. With so many eCommerce solutions restricting edit access to certain areas of your website, in Webflow you’re in control. Webflow helps equip business owners with the tools they need to provide a digital space for any product, digital good or service. With capabilities like complete layout control, customisation of cart and checkout, transactional email customisation, customisable product fields, and then some, you’re able to shape your digital solution to fully reflect your organisation. 


Webflow has been built as a tool to assist your website build with animations and interactions in mind. This tool brings the powers of CSS and JavaScript into a visual tool, giving designers the power they need to build complex without having to touch the code. Transform your project with easy scroll-based parallax animations, micro interactions with mouse movement, rich hover animations, integration for after effects and Lottie animation, tie motion scroll progress, and much much more. With extensive information regarding their interactions and animations tool on Webflow University, there’s no need to suffer over complex code for interactions and animations any more.  

Webflow stands out as a dynamic and user-friendly platform that revolutionises web design and development. Its robust features like the intuitive Webflow Designer, efficient CMS, versatile e-commerce solutions, and creative interaction tools empower users to create sophisticated and visually appealing websites with ease. Webflow simplifies the complex process of web creation, making it an essential tool for designers, developers, and business owners alike in crafting impactful digital experiences.