Webflow New Zealand 2024: The Latest Trends and Partner Insights

May 16, 2024
6 Minutes

In 2021 we wrote the article “How Is Webflow Tracking? The State of Webflow in New Zealand - 2021”. The article has been ranked #1 in Google since then, with thousands of page views and hundreds of shares. So we thought it was time to write a new article reviewing how Webflow was tracking in New Zealand in 2024.

Who are New Zealand’s Accredited Webflow Partners?

In New Zealand, Webflow has established a robust network of partners, categorised into Professional and Enterprise Partners. As of May 2024, New Zealand hosts three accredited Enterprise Partners: Psychoactive Studios, Not Another, and HNDRX. Notably, Psychoactive Studios was the first Webflow Enterprise Partner in New Zealand and continues to lead in pioneering new Webflow technologies and promoting its growth throughout Oceania.

The roster of official Webflow Professional Partners includes Tom King, Double, Firebean, Do Good Things, What IF Web, Calvin Lau, Fujee Design, B.Vision, Hello Access, Melia Marketing & Design, One Project Studio, PDC Creative, What The Heck, The No Code Shop, and Studio Almond. Studio Almond is distinguished as the first official Webflow Professional Partner in New Zealand.

Who are the other Webflow Designers practising in New Zealand?

For businesses exploring beyond these partnerships, Unicorn Factory serves as a central platform to find top-tier Webflow experts in New Zealand. Additionally, Upwork offers access to a broader range of freelancers, although portfolio development varies among individuals.

Webflow Keyword Analytics in New Zealand

The search volume for "Webflow" in New Zealand has significantly increased, reflecting the platform's growing adoption. From just 480 monthly searches in 2019, it rose to approximately 2.9K over the last year, signalling a strong uptake among businesses and individual users looking for innovative web development tools.

Regional Insights:

The global context reveals varied growth patterns, with substantial increases in countries like the United States at 74K/month (up from 51.5k in 2021)  and India at 49.5K/month (up a whopping 15k/month in 2021), contrasting with more mature markets like the UK who only saw a rise from 19.1k to 22.1k over the past 3 year period. This data not only helps understand Webflow's penetration in New Zealand but also assists in forecasting future trends and potential growth areas.

Key Trends in Search Terms:

  • Webflow Templates (260 searches): The surge in searches for templates suggests a demand for customizable, easy-to-use design solutions that enable quick deployment of professional websites.
  • Webflow Pricing (210 searches): Frequent queries about pricing indicate that cost-effectiveness is crucial for New Zealand users, highlighting Webflow’s competitive edge in providing value.

How Many Sites are Built on Webflow in New Zealand?

As of May 2024, there are at least 3,500 live Webflow sites being hosted from New Zealand, making it the ninth most used CMS in the region. Out of the 221,414 websites hosted from New Zealand, Webflow accounts for 1.62% of the total CMS usage. Although these figures might seem low, it is crucial to recognize that many of the sites currently active are either legacy sites built on platforms like WordPress or are DIY small business sites created on platforms such as Wix or Squarespace. Indeed, according to the latest data from Built With, WordPress is the dominant CMS in New Zealand, with 78,745 sites representing 25.56% of the total CMS market share. Wix and Squarespace follow, hosting 28,958 and 25,083 sites, respectively, accounting for 13.08% and 11.33% of the market.

As per Webflow's own reporting, the global community had constructed over 3 million sites by 2022, although not all these sites are necessarily live on the web. While Webflow has not released specific data for 2024 about how many sites have been built, we know that as of this 2024 there are at least 480,000 live Webflow sites globally.

The General Consensus on Webflow in New Zealand

Webflow is increasingly recognized in New Zealand for its robust design capabilities and comprehensive CMS, making it a powerful tool for both designers and developers. The platform offers a drag-and-drop editor that, while initially overwhelming for beginners due to its depth of customization options, becomes an invaluable asset for creating professional-grade websites once mastered. Webflow's extensive University helps users learn and navigate its features, which is particularly useful for those new to the platform​.

The consensus among users is that Webflow stands out for its security features and extensive API integrations. The platform is built on Amazon Web Services, ensuring reliable and secure hosting, and includes automatic updates and backups to safeguard user data​​. Webflow's compliance with SOC-2 standards further underscores its commitment to security.

Webflow continues to innovate, with recent updates enhancing its design systems and component management. The introduction of variables and the ability to add custom CSS properties directly in the Webflow Designer simplify the process of creating and managing style elements across a site. Moreover, the platform supports the integration of a wide array of apps, which can supercharge workflows and connect users to essential tools like HubSpot.

Despite its many advantages, Webflow's pricing structure can seem complex, with various plans tailored to different needs, from personal projects to large-scale business websites. This might present a learning curve for users determining the best plan for their specific requirements​.

Overall, Webflow is praised for providing a scalable and flexible solution that caters to a wide range of web development needs, from simple blogs to sophisticated and interactive campaign sites. Its ongoing development and commitment to adding new features make it a compelling choice for those looking to leverage cutting-edge web technology.

Case Studies: New Zealand Businesses Excel with Webflow

World Of WearableArt (WOW)

Psychoactive Studios transformed World Of WearableArt’s online presence using Webflow, crafting a visually captivating website that mirrors the creativity of their annual art events. With Webflow’s CMS, WOW efficiently manages and showcases an extensive gallery of artistic works, enhancing visitor engagement and reflecting the event’s grandeur.


For MOBI, a tech innovator in New Zealand, we developed a website that not only highlights their cutting-edge products but also integrates seamlessly with their internal systems. This project demonstrated Webflow’s capability to handle complex functionalities and dynamic content, ensuring MOBI’s site is as progressive as their products.

These case studies highlight Webflow’s flexibility and effectiveness in addressing unique industry needs, helping New Zealand businesses enhance their digital presence and streamline operations.

Ready to Elevate Your Online Presence with Webflow?

Are you contemplating a new web project or considering a switch to a more robust and flexible platform? Webflow offers a suite of advanced web design and development tools tailored to meet the demands of both new and seasoned creators. Whether you're looking to launch a fresh site or migrate an existing one, Webflow provides the scalability, security, and customization necessary to elevate your online presence.

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