VR Adventure Zone

Virtual Reality Gamepark

VR Adventures Zone is a virtual and mixed reality venue that offers a variety of active, social, and immersive experiences. Psychoactive Studios worked with the newly established Canadian gamepark to develop an adrenaline-fueled brand identity and marketing website to communicate its cutting edge service offerings to customers. After multiple setbacks due to Covid, VR Adventures Zone is now open and thriving with guests booking their VR experience through the slick, easy to use web portal.

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Launch Site
What we did

Our team created a range of brand collateral, encompassing the brand logo, guidelines and strategy. We were; inspired by the distinct look and feel of VR technology and equipment and utilised a futuristic colour palette to communicate the company's high-energy tone of voice. Our animators incorporated motion graphics throughout the entire website, adding an action-packed punch to the aesthetic.

Our primary objective was to ensure that website visitors could discover information about the venue and book virtual reality experiences through the website's contact form. The website employs Webflow's inherent CMS capabilities and allows VR Adventures Zone to add and remove experiences on the website as needed.

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How we did it

Customers are able to use sophisticated filters to browse through VR experiences, ranging from free roam arenas, VR escape rooms, Multiplayer games, VR arcade, Birthday parties, Corporate events, School trips, allowing them to fully immerse themselves into virtual reality and have an unforgettable otherworldly experience with family and friends.

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