December 21, 2020
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Psychoactive Becomes a Professional Webflow Partner

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Webflow is the best website builder on the market right now for creating beautiful, interactive, user-friendly web products and experiences. Don’t just take our word for it, let’s take a closer look at the other most popular website builders on the web right now.
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What is Webflow?

Webflow is a web design and development tool, content management system (CMS), and hosting platform that empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas. The ability to build production-ready experiences without coding makes Webflow the modern way to create for the web.

What is a Webflow Partner?

A Webflow Partner is a freelancer, studio, or agency who has been certified and accredited by Webflow as a trusted, professional Webflow Expert. The Webflow Partnership Program is a directory of Webflow Experts serving clients small and large. There are two categories of Partners: Webflow Professional Partners and Webflow Enterprise Partners

Why did Psychoactive become a Webflow Partner?

Webflow is the best website builder on the market right now for creating beautiful, interactive, user friendly web products and experiences. Don’t just take our word for it, let’s take a closer look at the other most popular website builders on the web right now.

Webflow vs Wordpress
Webflow vs WordPress

While WordPress might be a great website building starter tool for beginners, Webflow offers a wider range of built-in features, giving the creator full design freedom. Webflow makes use of customized and complex interactions and animations such as mouse microinteractions and scroll-based parallax animations which can also be combined with Lottie. More experienced website developers will also notice that Webflow has the upper hand when it comes to its code. Users get the option of either using Webflow provided code or adding custom code. The code layout in Webflow is clean and readable, whereas WordPress code is cluttered and visually busy due to the use of plugins. 

Webflow vs Wix
Webflow vs Wix

Being a popular choice for smaller-scale websites, fully template-based Wix doesn’t offer as much choice when it comes to design customisation as Webflow. Webflow’s HTML & CSS website editor visualises code, allowing designers to create web products and experience that most traditional web developers can only dream of. Webflow developers can use code snippets already provided in the Webflow library as well as inserting their own custom-built code. And even for website developing beginners, Webflow offers a great range of templates you can work with. If you feel intimidated by its operational structure, Webflow offers a great range of support through its Webflow University. There’s a course for every stage of the learning process, meaning anybody with a bit of time, even non-designers, can pick up Webflow relatively easily.

Webflow vs Squarespace
Webflow vs Squarespace

Squarespace is advertised as a platform that allows small businesses and non-designers to easily get up and running with a basic website within hours. Compared to Squarespace, Webflow is seen as a more complex and highly advanced site builder for web designers and developers to create with, and businesses to utilise as a easy to use marketing tool. With its wider range of available integrations, linking to other platforms such as Shopify and Google Analytics, Webflow beats Squarespace with its adaptability and resourcefulness. Webflow’s fast hosting service ensures transitions between integrations run smoothly, keeping your website high-quality. This also means any kind of updates you would like to make to your website will be applied in a matter of seconds, not hours.

Webflow vs Shopify
Webflow vs Shopify

Shopify’s focus on e-commerce makes it difficult for web designers to create a range of websites such as interactive sites, portfolio sites, hype building sites, and beautiful non-ecommerce business sites. With Webflow’s versatility, you can build any kind of website, whether it needs to have e-commerce capabilities for your business or a completely unique WebGL 3D interactive animation to blow the minds of customers, Webflow can do it all. Being a free website builder at the base level, Webflow also allows you to explore its features and actions which you can build into your website before publishing it. Once you have built your website, you can choose a site plan which best suits you, whether you’d like to launch a small portfolio website or a business website with CMS capabilities. Depending on what your business needs, pricing starts at $9 USD (roughly $12 NZD) per month, which is one of the cheapest deals out there for the features provided.

As you can see, each website builder has its own strengths and weaknesses. Overall, Webflow allows for the highest level of customisation, in the most systematic and time-saving manner. As a codeless website builder, Webflow allows our designers at Psychoactive to maximise efficiency, while also giving developers the ability to develop complex development solutions. Webflow interactions allow for more enhanced motion graphics, transitions and custom designs, not to mention Webflow animations, combined with Lottie make for a superpower modern website. Webflow also offers premium support via its Webflow University, giving users unlimited access to resources. E-commerce is also not a problem for Webflow, as it allows you to integrate plugins which track your progress and help you reach the right audience.

What are the benefits of working with a Webflow Partner?


Each Webflow Partner is required to have at least one certified and accredited Webflow designer/developer on their team. In Psychoactive Studios’ case, we have 5. Though having Webflow Certificates isn’t something we like to brag about, it’s more so about showing our credibility - that we understand the intricacies of Webflow web development. From ensuring each page has the correct headers, to adding alt text to images, Psychoactive has created its own comprehensive process to ensuring every project we touch meets the Webflow guidelines.


As a recognised Webflow supplier of services, Webflow has given us the permission to wave their flag and promote their platform. Webflow wanted to team up with Psychoactive because we want to help organisations to grow and thrive through delivering digital branding, strategy, design, development and marketing solutions. Our team of innovative designers and developers make creative use of emerging web technology to provide clients with a digital edge.

We’re Digital Amphibians - just as frogs breathe both air and water, we breathe design & innovation. We’re not just a web design and mobile application development agency, we’re a digital incubator - constantly hatching fresh and beautifully intuitive ways to stimulate the Metamorphosis of projects & brands.

We assist brands in developing various aspects of their digital presence. Be it through brand or website strategy, logo, user interface, interaction, illustration or motion graphics design, we help connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of their customers. With a team specialised in Webflow, React and WebGL, our purpose-built mobile responsive web products and experiences are intuitive, interactive and user friendly. Having a strong focus on search engine optimisation and content development, our websites and apps are found at the top of Google’s search results, increasing user traffic and generating more leads.


In 2020 alone we worked on 37 Webflow projects, from corporate and educational to illustrative and experimental. Being a Webflow partner has also opened Psychoactive up to working on a number of large international projects. From New Zealand and Australia to Berlin and England, America to Dubai, and Germany to Asia, Psychoactive enjoys working with different cultures. Having international experience allows us to cater to a wider range of project requirements, cultural perspectives, and client personalities.


With experience brings accurate pricing. We know how long things take to design and develop in Webflow, so you know you’re getting what you pay for. All our work is completed at world-class quality, ensuring our clients’ needs are met. With our team of 5 Webflow experts, we know how to approach each project to assure its success

What Webflow Services Does Psychoactive Studios Offer?

Psychoactive offers a range of Webflow services, from Branding designed specifically for a Webflow site, Webflow Strategy, Webflow Design, Webflow Development, and Webflow Marketing, Psychoactive is proud to be a full-service Webflow agency. Some more intricate Webflow service we provide includes but are not limited to:

  • Webflow Accessibility
  • Webflow Ecommerce Websites
  • Webflow No Code App Creation
  • Webflow Design System Setup
  • Webflow Platform Migrations
  • Webflow Interactions & Animations
  • Webflow Marketing & Seo Guidance
  • Webflow Custom Code & Integrations
  • Webflow Rebrands & Redesign
  • Webflow Third-Party Integrations
  • Webflow CMS Setup
  • Webflow Training

What kind of Webflow Projects Does Psychoactive Work On?

We dive into every project with the passion to create something exceptional. We’ve fine tuned our production ecosystem to perfectly balance innovation and efficiency. Whether it’s an e-commerce, e-learning, educational or experimental website, we’ve incubated projects for various industries, businesses and organisations.

We love hearing people’s stories and project ambitions. Helping to grow our client’s businesses is what gives us the most joy. We love to work with clients who only want to work with us - client’s who appreciate the finer details, and are respectful of our creative process. Being of amphibious nature, we always strive to improve and morph into the best possible version of ourselves.

Ready To Start A Webflow Project?

We’re ready when you are! Just give us a bell at - let us know what you’re looking to achieve with your Webflow project, and we’ll jump on a call to chat it through :)

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