February 11, 2021
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The State Of Webflow In New Zealand - 2021

Webflow in NZ and a map of new zealand


Who are New Zealand’s accredited Webflow Partners?

There are currently 4 accredited Professional Webflow Partners in New Zealand. They are: Psychoactive Studios, Almond, Neon Hive and Nikolai Bain.
At this point in time, there are no Webflow Enterprise Partners in New Zealand, nor are there any in Australia. Psychoactive currently has 5 certified Webflow employees, and meets all of the requirements to become an Enterprise Partner, however there is one major consideration to make before making the leap. While we enjoy working with large enterprise companies - and will continue to do so into the future - we feel as though becoming an Enterprise partner may pigeonhole us, and make us feel unapproachable to small and medium size clients.

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Who are the other Webflow Designers practicing in New Zealand?

Unicorn Factory, a platform for Kiwi freelancers, and is perhaps the best place to go to find Webflow experts in New Zealand. Starting with the platforms most elite, we have Andrew Hillstead - Founder & Director of Psychoactive studios, Alex Murton - Co-Founder & Director of Almond, Connor Finlayson - No Code Expert & Founder of Unicorn Factory. 

Some Webflow superstars include Nikolai Bain, who has co-hosted the Wellington Webflow Meetup with Psychoactive, Grace Potter, who did a web design and Webflow internship with Psychoactive, and Emroy Fierlinger, who has done some work with Psychoactive in the past. 

Other up and coming Webflow practitioners on Unicorn Factory include Nikki Gibbons, Uili Fecteau and Jayden Szekely. As the year progresses, we’re sure we’ll see more Webflow designers and developers appear in this space. Keep an eye out!

Upwork is also a helpful website where you can find a few New Zealand based freelancers who have worked with Webflow. The selection however is minimal and apart from Sorithika (Karl) and Nikolai, most don’t seem to have enough relevant portfolio work to effectively showcase their Webflow expertise.

A couple of Kiwi Webflow freelance designers who are showing increasing talent, who are not listed on any directories, but do a good job of marketing themselves include Liv Strawbridge,Dan Palmer and Ronald Van Schaik.

Webflow Keyword Analytics

Based on SEMRUSH here's the Keyword Overview for ‘Webflow’ in January 2021:


The average number of monthly searches (volume) for Webflow in New Zealand over the last 12 months was 1.9K. This is up from 1.3K in Jan 2020, and a mare 480 in Jan 2019. Global volume is also at an all time high of 223.8k monthly searches, up from 119.9k in Jan 2020, and 51.5K in Jan 2019. The United States comes in first place for most searches for the keyword Webflow at 49.5k per month, The United Kingdom in second palace at 18.1k, and India in third place at 14.8k searches per month.

Keyword Variations

As of Jan 2021, the most popular Webflow keyword variations based on searches per month are, ‘Webflow Pricing’ (140), ‘Webflow Templates’ (140), ‘How Much Does Webflow Cost’ (90), ‘Webflow and Shopify’ (90). Keyword variation trends also indicate an increase in designers and developers moving to Webflow as seen here: ‘Webflow Certification’ (70), How to use Webflow (70), ‘How To Become A Webflow Expert’ (10).

How many sites have been built in Webflow?

Over 417,548 sites were built using Webflow in 2020. With Webflow becoming a more popular household name, we can be sure that this number will only increase in the years to come.

How many businesses use Webflow?

Webflow has over 100,001 active customers spread across 190 countries. With 2020’s CoronaVirus pandemic meaning more businesses were forced to move online, websites built and hosted using Webflow sold a whopping $23 million USD in goods in 27 countries.

The General Consensus

  • You’re better off building your website with Webflow than other platforms
  • The New Zealand Webflow community is growing
  • There is plenty of support in New Zealand for Webflow design & development, so don’t feel like you are taking a gamble with a new untested platform that might end up being a phad
  • Webflow is the platform of the future. It will still be here in years to come
  • Webflow will continue to grow and develop as we learn more about the internet

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Interested in starting a new project or migrating to Webflow? 

Psychoactive is one of New Zealand’s leading Webflow design and development agencies and has helped with various Webflow meet ups in Wellington.

Our team has worked with leading companies such as Otago University and the New Zealand Medical Association. With the launch of our new website at the end of 2020, Psychoactive’s mission is to bring Webflow to New Zealand, Australia, and the rest of Oceania, empowering designers, developers, and businesses alike. 

What are your thoughts on the future of Webflow? 

Let us know at hello@psychoactive.co.nz

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